Tuesday, 7 May 2013

First Week of July 2012

We had a pretty busy week, with Scott working late a couple of nights, me having a meeting in Northampton, dinner with the Butikofers, the dentist, and Lucy and Jack's Sports Day. I don't remember any particulars about their Sport's Day (it may even have been cancelled), but I do remember asking if I could come along and cheer like an embarrassing loony for them... and finding the following written on the family calendar: 'LUCY AND JACK'S AMAZINGLY AWESOME SPORTS DAY WHICH UNFORTUNATELY PARENTS CAN'T COME TO. Sorry 'bout that.' That told me!

I also have these pictures from walking to school on 3rd July. I'd taken my camera with me because I had wanted to get pictures of the boys while I still took them to school, and of Harry in his school shorts (so cute!), and the way they run to school so young and carefree. I felt like recording it all before they grew up, and we moved on to another phase of life.
Anyway, when I came out the house, they were waiting for me with 'flowers' they had made for me from leaves.
Also on the 3rd, Tom finished making his sock monkey... he was pretty proud of it.
On Thursday 5th July, I went with Harry on his school trip to Burghley House. We went by coach, and I sat with Christian's dad and we had a good chat.
The group I was in started off with a session making plaster 'medals'. We got to make a design in plasticene, make sides, then pour in the plaster of Paris. We all loved it (though I was the only parent who had a go!)
We then got to go round 'The Gardens of Surprise'. I've never been in them before, and it was great - we wandered through quite a large landscaped area, full of hidden areas, and twists and turns, with interesting sculptures popping up everywhere. I loved that we didn't have any boring sheets to have to make the kids fill in - we just went round together, and they could explore as they wanted.
Big pods made from plant pots!
As our group was heading off to the next area I saw Harry making a bid for freedom - unable to resist running through this large dip... I loved seeing his exuberance and the happiness he gets from just running.
The kids in my group: Emma, Daisy, Daisy, Dylan, Emma, Thomas and Harry.
Burghley House.
We had a bit of time to kill, which the kids happily filled with more running and rolling!
We then got to go in the house, in the amazing kitchens dating from Tudor times, where we were given a really interesting talk and look around.
The skulls on the wall are from turtles, used in the turtle soup.
 Harry, getting to feel how heavy the old pans were.
 I loved the china and old jelly moulds (and moose head?!)
There was a question and answer session at the end for the kids. The kids asked some great, practical questions, like 'why are the pans and trays so high up, where you can't reach them?!', and Harry asked who painted the massive picture of a side of meat. The woman didn't actually know...
 The kids then finished off by drawing something from the courtyard.
We then headed back by coach, where I had another good chat, this time with Sam's dad who's a detective.
All in all it was a brilliant day, and far better than I was expecting.
In the evening, I helped Lucy get to grips with making friendship bracelets... I think she was trying to hide in this picture!
An orange cake which Lucy made.

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