Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Picnic - Burghley House (13th June 2012)

Scott, Lucy and Jack went back to work/school the day after our road trip, and Harry and Tom went back on Tuesday 12th. 
The next day Scott and I took the kids to school, then headed off to Burghley House, near Stamford, to attend the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Picnic. We had been given tickets (invitation only) through Scott's work.
It was quite posh (in a British, Wellington Boot kind of way), and it was rather nice wandering through the park in a floaty long dress and glittery jewelry (me, not Scott!)
We had our picnic, then went off to look around. There was a big bandstand, and various other tents and displays.
We ended up near a barrier not too far from Burghley House, where there weren't many people, but it ended up being a great spot, as not too long after, the Queen's helicopter arrived and landed directly opposite us. We saw the Queen getting out (she is dressed in turquoise), and then walking to the House.
By then everyone had headed over to the barrier, and we realised the Queen would drive along past us. There was a really nice atmosphere - very cheerful and patriotic!
Scott took the picture below... I didn't get a picture directly of the Queen - I was too busy waving!
The Queen then went to the tented area of the park, and Scott and I settled ourselves in an open area of the park, ready for the Red Arrows, and The Blades, who were later on the programme.
The aerial displays were fantastic! The pictures below of are of The Blades - who are all former Red Arrow pilots.
I'm always a bit nervous when they fly so close to each other...
We decided to head home afterwards, and wandered back to the car park. We were in the sports car, with the roof down, and as we slowly went up the long stately driveway, a couple of beautiful old planes (a spitfire plus something else) were flying, and kept crossing right over our heads! It was wonderful!! Warm weather, car with a great view, exhilarating planes, just Scott and I, end of a pleasant day - perfect moment!

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