Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Taking part in the Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival (Saturday 16th June 2012)

As well as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Picnic, it was a pretty busy week - I had a meeting on Wednesday night, a Stake council meeting in Northampton on Thursday night, a choir practice on Friday night, and on Saturday, Scott and I took part in the annual Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival, as part of the AgReserves (our church farms) team.

Harry had gone to stay with Anna Conway for the day, and Lucy, Jack and Tom hung around our sponsor tent, (hoping it would stay up in the crazy wind!) with various other people from our ward.
Our team did three races in total. There were three boats in each. In our first race we came last, in the next race we came second, and then the team leader for our last race actually taught us how to row properly! We won our last race with a really good time, and though we were really proud of ourselves, we were gutted that we hadn't known what to do properly earlier! There were 27 teams altogether, and we came 10th, so didn't make it into the top 9 who went into the finals.
We were all really keen to do next year's Festival, and with our newly found skills, confident we could do brilliantly! (Our best time wasn't far short of the Army's team - pretty good seeing as we had some OAP's and a couple of girls on the team!)
Ben Conway and I were the pace setters in the front. Scott was in the 4th row on the far side.
(I didn't get pictures from anyone who we knew there, but these pictures were on a local newspaper's website.)
The kids all enjoyed themselves, and were pleased to be allowed to keep their AgReserves wooly hat and T-shirt. (Our team uniform wasn't really as exciting as those of the Pirate or Smurf teams...)

In the evening I helped run the Seminary Graduation Dance held in Bedford - with slightly achey arms...

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