Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Stake Conference Weekend (June 2012)

On Saturday 23rd June, Harry lost his first tooth!! Here he is with his lovely gap (nearly as big as the natural gap he has between his top front teeth!)
On Saturday evening, Liz Knight and I met up at church, and I drove us to the evening session of Stake Conference, in Northampton. All the sisters were asked to come up and sing at one point, by Elder Larry Kacher of the Third Quorum of the Seventy, who was presiding.

On 24th it was the Sunday session of Stake Conference. Lucy, Jack and I were all in the Stake Youth Choir, who sang two variations of hymns during the meeting, 'Praise to the Man' and 'I Need Thee Every Hour'. (Actually we ended up singing two extra hymns on the spur of the moment, at the request of Elder Kacher again. I think he likes getting people to sing!)
This was a picture taken of our choir at a dress rehearsal, with Holly Carter our choir leader.
It was a great experience anyway - we all really enjoyed it.

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