Thursday, 28 October 2010


I emerged this morning at about 10.30am, to find Lucy and Abigail (in T-shirts they made on Young Women's camp) making pancakes for themselves and the boys. I felt more human after eating 4 of them.Playing in the garden.
(That is the boys in the background, pouring water down a plank on the slide, which they then skate board down into the muddy bog at the bottom. In their pyjamas.)
Yep, the sleep deprivation finally got to her... she has gone well and truly bonkers.I finished the quilts we were making for a local Alzheimers home, today (whilst watching our new 'Knight Rider' DVD with the kids). Tom and Harry making sure they work! And finally - a common sight nowadays!


Kimberley said...

Scott looks just like Matthew!!! I think it will have to be surgically removed from his hand!!

Juli Poulton said...

I'm sure I warned you about those ipods!