Monday, 4 October 2010

Conference Weekend

We spent yesterday in Nottingham at Mum & Dad's house, along with both my brothers and sister, and their families. The men went off to the Priesthood meeting of conference in the morning (the women's meeting was the day before), and in the evening we all went to a general meeting.
It was so good to hear talks given by people inspired of God, and feel the spirit confirming that their words are true. A few things that were said stood out in particular to me, which I need to act upon, including President Monson's talk on Gratitude. (It will soon be on our church website, here.) I felt very much that as a family we should be more grateful for our blessings, and that having an evening family prayer that mainly focuses on thanks, will help our kids and our home environment be happier.
I enjoyed being with my family - I did mean to take lots of pictures of everyone, but forgot. I'm not even sure who took these ones - maybe Lucy. Hannah, John, Robin and Scott watching Dad doing something on his shiny new laptop!
Katy and I went to visit Grandma after lunch. She has changed so much in the short time since I last saw her. It felt like she was a child almost. She asked where the children were - we had thought it might be too much for her and hadn't bought them, so I went back and collected 5 kids (mine + Adam), and they all went and told Grandma what they have been up to (and had a good explore of her en-suite/ornaments/photos etc....)
I hate seeing her so uncomfortable, and so weak she can't open her eyes... you feel so useless. Katy and I were crying as we left - wondering all the time if we will see her again.
When we got back, it sounded like John had been trying to persuade Scott to move up North nearer to him and Hannah. I think it would be great in a lot of ways, but don't feel enough push/pull factors at the moment.
In the mean time, John and Hannah invited us to go up and stay in the half term holidays, so that is something to look forwards to!
My niece Amy with my Mum.
We got back fairly late and bundled the kids into bed. They all seem happy this morning.
(Harry while walking to school: I HATE school!
Me: Are you playing the opposites game?
Harry: Yes.)
I have a relatively quiet week this week, and hope it stays that way. Scott is at a meeting of college Principals today. He takes up the role this week.


Mum said...

Thanks for making the cherry cheesecake!

Juli Poulton said...

You would be closer to us but I'm not sure if that would be a push or pull!!!