Sunday, 17 October 2010

Helen the Hermit

A quick catch up.
On 8/9th October, we stayed overnight at the London Temple. The kids enjoyed staying in the Accommodation Centre. I enjoyed it less - in my top bunk, fighting with all the layers of bedding and waking up 350 times or so. I did like walking round in the quiet, peaceful dark, with this as the view.
The next day, Scott and I took it in turns to go into the Temple. Scott took the kids to Gatwick Airport, where they watched the planes and played on the trains, while I was in the Temple. It is always good to be in a place where perspective is re-established, and the outside world is far away.
I tried to get a good picture of the kids. They were not in a posing-nicely-for-pictures mood!
Last week I helped Harry with his homework one day - doing a traffic survey - how many of each colour cars he saw. Here he is sitting in the front garden, watching. (Silvers won, in case you are wondering.)
Lucy had Thurday off school, as it was her Target Setting day. We just had to go in for a meeting with her from tutor. He said Lucy is 'exceptionally bright', and 'works her socks off'. The target she had set for herself was to work harder in lessons, but her tutor realised she is finishing her work early, and so is having spare time in lessons, so he is emailing all her teachers to tell them to provide extra work for her. (I think she should have kept quiet, and have an easier time of it!!) We are proud of her anyway. (I also asked Lucy's tutor what his targets are. He has a violin that he has started from scratch, and needs to finish, so I told him he should get on with it.)
So apart from the odd couple of things, I have pretty much been a hermit for the past two weeks. We didn't even have any internet last week (good old AOL! [Not.] I know all their being-on-hold music off by heart.) This is the opposite of Scott, who has just been dealing with a lot of stuff. (Mainly to do with being Principal.)
I have been busy doing something at the top of my 'list of things to do when Harry starts school' - catching up on the kids' baby books. It has taken me literally HOURS & HOURS, and I am nearly done now.
I don't mind the effort, because the kids love them. I think they give the kids a strong sense of who they are, and a sense of belonging.
I'm not going to be able to be such a hermit next week. Pity really.

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