Tuesday, 14 April 2009

More Mud

Another day in the garden yesterday. We went to the garden centre in the morning and got some plants and a new mini greenhouse, then spent the rest of the day planting. I am very proud of our new tomatoes and strawberries (I'm pretty sure we have dragged that strawberry planter round in at least the last 2 house moves without ever having used it), and Lucy and Jack have dug out their little plots on front of the shed and planted their own rhubarb and strawberry plants (you can see them behind Harry above...Also, spot our Easter egg packaging cloches!) Got some sweet peas in too and divided up a little pot of geraniums into 20 separate plants! We've planted up one of the raised beds too now with courgettes, cabbages and broccoli. If we ever actually get to eat anything we have grown I am going to be ridiculously proud!! Hopefully another 2 tonnes of soil are coming today.
Harry was just a total muddy wet mess yesterday. He looked like a bandit most the day with mud smeared across his eyes. He's a bit cleaner in the pictures above, after playing with the hose pipe...Thanks for our Easter chocolate everyone!!

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