Thursday, 2 April 2009


Oh dear. Harry had his MMR2 immunisation today, plus another one with about 50 diseases in the name. I had explained it to him in advance, but knew he would still get really upset - I know what he is like - he hates any adults that he doesn't know very well, talking to him or having anything to do with him, never mind sticking a needle in each arm! He lay stiff as a board on the waiting room floor when it was our turn, and then I really struggled to hold him still for the injections - he fought! Oh well, it's done now. I'd also said he could choose something from the sweet shop after, and all he wanted was some hallowed chewing gum. After explaining for about five minutes that he could NOT swallow it, I gave him a half a stick and within about 5 seconds he had swallowed it... More crying then because he thought he had been naughty. Not his fault - 3 is too young - my fault!
Seeing him on the trampoline this afternoon with Lucy and her friend Hanna (who Harry is in love with) I would say he had got over the trauma OK.
I also had Jack off school today. It must be a nasty bug we have had, for Jack to get it. He hardly gets anything and has only had about 4 or 5 sick days off school ever.
Scott's just gone to the gym. He says he might do a few exercises before going to the sauna...

(For anyone following the exciting lost school uniform saga (ie. Mum), one of Jack's shirts has miraculously appeared, and the pair of trousers was found crumpled up at the back of the wardrobe... He has now managed to lose a jumper though. No progress on Lucy's jumpers - good job I only got them from the charity shop or I might be more cheesed off)

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