Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The second half of March 2016

My kit before leaving it at the fire station.

I loved this kit - everything was really comfortable.

On Tuesday 15th March, I met Tony Thacker my Watch Commander for a station orientation. He showed me round, where to hang my stuff, and gave me an alerter. I felt really awkward when he asked when I wanted to start, because my back had got worse since the day before, so I told him, and asked if I could delay my start. This was absolutely NOT the first impression I'd wanted to give!! He was fine with it though, and told me just to text and let him know how I was doing by Thursday. Then he left me to it, and I bought all my gear in and had a good time looking in all the lockers on the fire engine, and round the station. I loved it!! I'd been worried after passing the course that I still wanted to do it all, but Tony was great and made it clear I wouldn't be expected to know everything straight away, and really took the pressure off me. I just felt really excited to start and at home.

Unfortunately, my back got worse and I spent the rest of the week flat on my back. I was SO frustrated. Harry had to go to school with Donna, and the kids made dinner every day. I couldn't put any weight on my back at all, and only got up to go to the bathroom.
I did try going to a Stake YSA meeting in Northampton on Thursday night though. I felt like I couldn't miss it because everyone had already delayed the meeting by a couple of weeks to wait for me in the first place! It was a pretty painful meeting and I couldn't get out my seat at the end. It was nice talking to President Hirst though.

On Saturday 19th I went to Becki Cain's 40th birthday party at the town community hall. I stood like a statue all night, but had plenty of people to talk to - Jo Waters, Priya, the Wades and Collings etc. Scott left early to go and give Shame a blessing, and I got a lift home with Priya and her husband.
Me and Dan Kitsell in the photo booth! (Scott had already gone!)

On Sunday 20th it was the last ever Huntingdon Ward before it split into two wards! I stayed home while the rest of the family went to church and then to Nottingham for the annual birthday get-together. I didn't mind too much. All the sitting would have killed my back.

Monday 21st. I walked Harry to school again for the first time, but spent the rest of the day in bed till my 4.30pm appointment with Vida the osteopath. She ran an electric current through my back (said I have an unusually high pain threshold), did acupuncture, massage, strapped it all up and gave me some exercises and advice.

Tuesday 22nd. I spent most the day in bed again, but felt some improvement. I played around with some Essie nail polish photography!

On Wednesday 23rd it was Scott's and my 20th Wedding Anniversary! He bought me some gorgeous flowers and I'd booked a meal in Godmanchester for the following evening.
My back was improving and so I texted Tony to say I'd be OK to be on-call the next day. He asked me to come to the station that night to sort a few things out. Scott and the kids were out in the evening (Wednesdays is the new youth night), so I took Harry to the station with me. I tried on new uniform (the uniform is all changing next month), and met Craig, my mentor. He showed me round the pump, and Harry walked round with us too, taking it all in. It was fine and I felt enthusiastic about it all.

On Thursday 24th Scott and I went out for our Indian meal. It was chucking it down with rain, but it was a nice evening, though didn't feel especially romantic!
That night I started being on-call for the very first time, though we had no call-outs.

On Friday 25th it was Good Friday, and Scott, Harry and Lucy went to Leeds. We had completed buying the cheaper rental property this week, so they went and stayed overnight, ripping out carpets etc. Jack, Tom and I had a quiet and incredibly restful weekend, which I really needed. My first night being on-call was a bit nerve-wracking and I slept dreadfully!

Saturday 26th, I did loads of cleaning, but overdid it a bit with my back and it was hurting a lot by the evening. The kids made their own Easter eggs over Friday and Saturday. I made gammon and funeral potatoes for tea.

27th March was Easter Sunday. It was the first ever Ramsey Ward! I stayed home though, resting my back. Lucy got called as the Ramsey Ward Young Women Secretary, with Leah Robertson as YW President.
We also finished reading The Book of Mormon again as a family. It took us 1 year and 10 months this time, as opposed to 5 years last time! We decided just to start reading it over again.

Harry was feeling rather fed-up by bedtime, and didn't want long family prayers...
Harry: ''If this prayer lasts longer than 30 seconds, I'll get annoyed!''
Me: ''Enos prayed all day and into the night!''
Harry (deadly serious): ''If we're ever going to pray all day, it had better be on a school day!''

Then Lucy got me to take out her new earring for the first tie - high drama!!

On Monday 28th, I worked out a new routine for myself to be more productive. By 9am I was painting the hall, landing and stairs, which had got pretty grubby! My back still wasn't great - aching a lot, but with better mobility. I did some family blog, read to Harry, and Scott and the kids played board games.
I was really happy for it to be the school holidays, but felt a bit in limbo - new job, new calling, new Ward, but not up to full health and not having got going with any of them yet!

Wednesday 30th March. Harry's Minecraft stamp he designed and carved.

Taking Lucy, Harry and Tom on a walk (I'm not on-call on Wednesday day times).

 Later on the kids weeded the vegetable bed.

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