Wednesday, 28 December 2016

First week of May 2106

Monday 2nd May was Bank Holiday Monday, and my 41st birthday. I was on-call till 3pm, so stayed at home and did a cornflake cake experiment. I love the cornflake cakes from the local cake shop, and want to be able to make my own like that. They aren't just any old cornflake cakes, but are really chewy, toffee-like ones. I thought malt extract might be the secret ingredient and had bought some on Amazon ready to start experimenting.
The first batch I made were revolting and ended up in the bin, then I made 5 more batches, varying the recipe each time based on the last batch. I got the kids to do a taste test and record the results!

I had put this on Facebook, and after a while Donna and Natalie Wright came over with MORE cornflake cakes - they'd got in on the act and been experimenting too! I also showed them how you can make fried eggs in the waffle maker!
I didn't quite reach the perfect recipe on the day, but since then have come up with one I'm happy with! It turns out the secret ingredient is not malt extract, but milk powder.

Once I got off call, Lucy, Scott and I went for a walk in Huntingdon/Godmanchter. It was lovely weather in the morning and was again afterwards, but we managed to have the wettest, windiest walk ever! It was great fun though!

In the evening, Scott and I had a chinese, and watched Pitch Perfect 2.

The next day Lucy was off school feeling ill, and we watched films while I did an ironing marathon. Jack had his English Language GCSE exam, which he thought he'd get an A* in!
In the evening I had training and we discussed the Co-responding system. I was asked to stay on-call till I usually come on at 11pm, and at about 10.30pm, not long after I'd got home, we had a call-out. We went to Huntingdon station on Standby because Huntingdon had gone to a big fire at Grafham. We had to wait at their station till they got back and cover any calls they'd get. We didn't get any, but spent the time exploring their station and chatting - it was nice! At midnight we said Happy Birthday to James, and finally left at about 2.30am!

On Wednesday 4th, I was a bit tired and unproductive! Lucy was ill still, so we hung around together, and it was nice!

On Thursday 5th, I'd gone to the station to study, and just as I was thinking of leaving, we had a call-out to an outhouse fire. I spent the afternoon helping put out the fire, then raking over the rubble looking for hot spots. It was quite a hot day and I'd not had lunch, so didn't feel the best. I've put chocolate in my kit bag now, so I don't get caught out in future. I filled the pump with diesel, at the local petrol station, then we washed the pump, and I got home in time for our Tesco delivery, quickly get changed and go and collect Harry from school!
In the evening I had training again, and we took the pump to a local river and practiced water rescue techniques. I stayed at the station till late afterwards, chatting with Tony and Dan about their experiences. It was really useful - I learn so much each time I talk with people from work.

In the evening on Friday 6th, Scott and I went to Ben and Anna Conway's house for a Murder Mystery night. 
Driving there with my tarte au citron, for the French themed meal!

Scott was a Russian/French artist, and I was a French aristocrat's daughter! I borrowed Scott's cap for the ride (which we'd borrowed off Catherine Lilley, along with Richard Blackhurst's jacket!)

We arrived first, and I spent some time with Ben and Anna's kids.

The Ericsons, Watsons and Grovers also came, and I took photos with my camera timer on a tripod!

We played the game while having the meal. What a laugh! The game itself is pretty rubbish, but everyone speaking in their assigned accents and playing a role makes it hilarious! A good night!

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