Thursday, 11 June 2015

Salt Lake City - 5th April, Easter Sunday

After a rubbish night's sleep for me (I heard the key pad entrance lock beeping in the night, and thought someone was trying to get in, and then had stressy dreams about it!), we went and got petrol, had breakfast at Burger King (including tater-tots!), then went to a Smith's supermarket and bought a load of expensive rubbish food. I did find a bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs though, which I was happy about - some Easter chocolate! I'd had some at Lola's the day before, and the chocolate was OK. Not good shopping on a Sunday though.
Driving under Eagle Gate.

We then went up to 'This Is The Place' for a bit, so the kids could get the feel of it, and learn a bit about the first settlers to the valley.

Then we stopped off at the school where the High School Musical films were based, and filmed a bit. So funny! (The real life school sports team, instead of being called the Wildcats like in the films, is called the Leopards!!) We took a few cheesy photos, then headed home and got packed up.

Harry and Tom doing some High School Musical grooving!!

We left all our packed-up stuff in the house, then walked down for the Sunday afternoon session of conference. Gorgeous weather again! We sat in Temple Square for a bit, and bumped into Chase Huntzinger again!

Queuing for conference.

Once we got to our seats, we spotted the Garricks sitting at the front of our section, so went and had a good catch up with them! They'd been doing a similar holiday to us. We arranged to meet up afterwards.
I took my small camera to conference this time, which I was allowed to keep with me, so got a few pictures.

Two of the talks weren't in English and we had subtitles on big screens. When President Uchtdorf got up afterwards, he just started talking in German, as a joke! (There was already a meme about it by that night!)
Lola said the day before that loads of ladies fancy President Uchtdorf (she works in the Salt Lake Temple) and want to know if he's single yet!! She said he and President Eyring were in the temple one day, and she ended up having to call for back-up because people kept going and touching him!

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir were singing in this session.

Afterwards we met up with the Garricks outside the Conference Centre, and chatted for a while. It was nice! Clare's so enthusiastic!

Then we walked back up the hill (again!) home. My feet ached by then so I took my shoes off and walked in my tights. It was lovely - chatting with Scott, with the kids up ahead, warm and sunny, and taking it all in. Harry even waved the pedestrian flags to get us across the road! Lucy said the day before that Salt Lake has been her favourite place so far.

At home, we changed and packed up the car, then did the three hour or so drive to Green River.
I was quite glad to leave the house we stayed in. The location was great, but it felt a bit scabby and grubby.
We just had our usual bagels, cream cheese, satsumas, biscuits etc for tea in the car.

Drove past green rocks, coal seams and other cool scenery on the way.

Green River! Scott and I stayed there five years ago... fond memories of the so-called Watermelon Capitol of the World!

We got to our hotel at about 8pm, and Lucy, Tom, Harry and I headed straight for the pool! The hotel was nice, except for no lift!
I swam quite a few lengths and it felt good - for my poor feet especially! Then the other people left and we went in the hot tub. Nice!

In the evening I edited all my Salt Lake photos and put them on Facebook.

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