Thursday, 4 June 2015

Salt Lake City - 3rd April

We went to IHOP (International House Of Pancakes) in Cedar City for breakfast - it was pretty busy as a coach load had just pulled in. The pancakes were OK, but no better than anywhere else (and a lot more expensive!)

We then drove about 4 hours to Salt Lake City. We drove in past Provo, and saw quite a few temples on the way.

The new Payson Temple.

We wanted to take the kids to Bingham Copper Mine, and drove up to the main gates, but the mine was shut to the public. (We found out later that there had been a land slide there a few months before.) Driving near the mine, at one point we could see three temples in one view!

Lots of LDS churches everywhere too!

We drove to our rented apartment, directly opposite the back of the Capitol building - a great location.
The apartment wasn't ready for us yet. Scott spoke to Skylar - the man renting it out, and he'd had to call the Police, because the previous people had left a rucksack with 50 stolen identities in it!
We got there about 3pm, and Skylar let us dump our stuff in the kitchen, use the bathroom, and use the internet, so I could get the address from Facebook of where the Walters were staying. Dan had left me a message, and we'd arranged for us to come by the house of an elderly widowed friend, who they visit from time to time, a couple of blocks away. They had flown down the day before from their home in Idaho.
We found the house OK, and they were working in the garden of their friend, Lola. It was nice to see them! They've not changed much since we saw them in France 5 years ago.
They finished up, and then we drove in two lots (they had no car) down to our house, then walked from there down to the Capitol Building, and went inside for a quick look.
It was nice to see the kids together, getting to know each other again.

Inside the Capitol - beautiful!

The House of Representatives.

The last time I was at the Capitol Building was in 1995, when a couple of American friends and I went running through the sprinklers on the lawn one night!

We carried on to the Conference Centre, and it was so nice! Gorgeous weather, and seeing the Temple and Conference Centre as we walked down the hill!
At the Conference Centre we showed our passports and got tickets for the Saturday and Sunday Afternoon Sessions of conference, and Priesthood Session. While we were there, Harry got a massive nosebleed, so I took him to sit by a fountain and cool him down. A nice passing lady gave us a roll of tissue.
We then walked through Temple Square and down a couple of blocks to the Olive Garden restaurant.

Scott and Lucy just got a quick salad so that Scott could walk Lucy down to The Depot a few blocks away, where she was meeting up with the Robinsons from Northampton Ward, to see a George Ezra concert with them. The tickets had only cost £11!
We had a brilliant meal - gorgeous pasta, endless salad and large soft garlic bread sticks.

After dinner, we went to Deseret book shop, and Mitt Romney's wife (the LDS guy who ran for American President) was in there for a book signing, with a load of cameras etc.
We met back up with Scott then went to the Assembly Hall, Tabernacle and Visitor's Centre.
Inside the Tabernacle - finished by the pioneers in 1847.

Salt Lake Temple, finished in 1893, taking the pioneers 40 years to build.

In the Visitor's Centre, looking at a model of old Jerusalem.

Also in the Visitor's Centre.

We also stopped off at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and went and saw the view over Temple Square.

We walked back in the dark up the hill to our apartment, and the Walters came in for a drink before Scott dropped them back at Lola's.
I was sharing a room with Lucy (Scott had a room off the living room and the boys were all in the living room), and she got home at about 10.30pm, dropped off by the Robinsons after the concert. She was totally full of it!! They'd been really close to the front and Lucy said it was all just brilliant! Heather took this picture from where they were standing.

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