Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rest of September & Beginning of October 2012

The rest of September was filled with the usual kind of stuff... 

Harry's swimming lessons every Monday after school, a hair cut for me, and requesting Lucy's first ever prescription, for more blood glucose test strips, needles, insulin etc.

From Saturday 15th September to Sunday 16th, we had Liz Knight's youngest two boys, Julian and Alastar, come to stay, while Liz was taking her eldest son Ben to University in Scotland. Harry and Julian played happily in the garden on Saturday, then Julian and Alastar shared Harry and Tom's bunk beds, while Harry slept on a mattress on Lucy's floor, and Tom on Jack's.

In September, I also went to meet 'Miss Mash', Jack's form tutor. (I'm not entirely sure what her full surname is - that's what everyone refers to her as though!) It was a bit awkward, because she is also Lucy's science teacher, and I wanted to check that she had read the recent email which had been sent to all of Lucy's teachers regarding what to do if Lucy gets ill in class. When I asked if she knew what to do, she admitted she didn't know and hadn't read the email. I actually have far more confidence in Lucy's friends to treat her if she becomes unable to treat herself, thank goodness.
Jack got a very good report - Miss Mash says he is very bright and confident, and will do well.

I also had Stake Council meeting, A Stake Youth Fireside (after which President Hirst gave me a blessing because I wasn't feeling great), Visiting Teaching, a Youth choir practice, Milton Keynes Ward Conference, and Scott's Mum and Dad came to visit on Saturday 29th.

On Tuesday 2nd October, Harry started going to Beaver Scouts, at the local village hall. The other Beavers are mainly from Harry's class at school!

Lucy had her first flu jab on 3rd October - something very much encouraged now that she has Diabetes. I though it was quite funny how nervous she was about being injected, considering she now injects herself a few times every day!

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