Friday, 18 October 2013

General Conference at Mum and Dad's in Nottingham (Sunday 7th October 2012)

On the Sunday of General Conference weekend, we drove to Nottingham, to Mum and Dad's house. It was a lovely misty morning...
Jack and the men went to the Priesthood session in the morning, and the rest of us played and chatted. We were all excited because it would be the first time in ages that the whole family had been together.
Harry with his first two missing teeth!
Harry and Amy have a kind of love/hate relationship!
Tom and Asher
We could tell as soon as the men got home (John in particular!!)
After dinner (at lunchtime), we went for a walk along the canal.
Feeding ducks.
Lucy and Asher
Grass fight at the end of Cyril Road.
Amy was rather attached to Tom!
Then Robin and Niki came over too, and the house got even fuller!
My nieces, Amy and Emma, with Mum.
Then we went in the garden to get some sibling pictures!
Me, John, Robin and Katy.
Not all the photos were what you would call brilliant!!
This photo below is the entire family's absolute favourite photo of the day... all the Grand kids together.
Every time I see this picture it totally cracks me up! Not one single child looks normal!! What a complete state!
And a couple of me and Scott.
We then went to Nottingham 1st Ward to watch the Sunday evening session of conference. It was wonderful. I love listening to the words of inspiration, guidance and wisdom from our Prophet and Apostles.

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