Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The rest of April

On Saturday 14th April, we had some friends from church come over for the afternoon - Gill, the Stake Young Women's secretary, and her son Elliot (who's Jack's age). We had a meal first, then went for a walk round the local country park. It was really nice to get to know them a bit better.

Lucy and Jack went back to school on Monday 16th, then Harry and Tom the day after.
On Friday of that week (20th), I went to the hair dressers in the morning, then in the afternoon our friends from Cardiff - Ali, Pete, and their kids Charlie and Rosie came for a visit. I've known Ali since uni days in Birmingham, and it's been a few years since I last saw her, but it felt like only a couple of weeks... it was just SO good to see them, and the first time I got to meet Rosie.
Here is Scott with Rosie. She is such a gorgeous baby!
They came with me to pick up the boys from school, then stayed for tea. After they left, I went with Lucy, Jack and some of the Amos kids to Northampton for choir practice.

The next night (Saturday 21st), Scott and I went to the joint 40th birthday party of Jo Waters and Clare Garrick from church. I spent most of the day making a cake for them, then Scott and I had fun getting dressed up in our 70's clothes! Loads of the ward were there, and looked fantastic in their outfits - I didn't even recognise some people! Scott didn't stay all night, because Lucy was babysitting, but I stayed till the end, and had a great time dancing away with friends. (Though I did so in my electric blue 4 inch heeled platform sandals, and paid the price the next day!)

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