Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Birthday

I had a really nice 37th birthday at the beginning of May. (It's nice to finally be 37, because I have been mistakenly telling people I was 37 all year, with the kids correcting me.) 
I went out for breakfast with some of the Mums from school, and received lots of lovely gifts and cards (they know me well - there was a heavy cupcake theme going on!) 
I waited till the kids got home from school, so Lucy and I could work on the cake we planned to make - a layered toffee/peach/ cream thing. Lucy went slightly overboard with taking pictures (she took 214 to be precise)... we had fun, then all ate most the cake straight away!
In the evening we went out for a meal booked by our friends Jo and Richard Blackhurst - a very civilised and pleasant evening.

Also in the first week of May, we got the dishwasher fixed after a couple of weeks of handwashing, Lucy, Jack and I had youth choir practise, I had a youth meeting, and a youth fireside, all at Northampton. (After the fireside I had a little drive in President Hirst's new Jaguar in the carpark - very nice car!)

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