Saturday, 16 May 2009

It's all Mum's Fault...

When Mum gave me the Bleak House adaptation DVDs for my birthday she didn't warn us how addictive they would be!! Scott took Jack, Tom and some of the Knight boys on the Father & Son camp last night, and so Lucy and I stocked up on goodies, put Harry to bed and dragged our quilts to the settee... 8 and a half hours later (at 4.34am to be precise) we finished watching them and went to bed... yep - it was getting light. It seriously did not seem that long - we just had to keep seeing the next episode!
Jack slept in the car, and Scott and Tom froze by the sounds of it, so Harry's about the only one who got much sleep last night. Oh dear. It was worth it though, and we had to celebrate Lucy finishing her SATs - she says they all seemed fine.
Today I got a perm. My first one ever. The old cliche - I just felt like a change. It looked very poodle-y when they first did it - now it is just more bush-like. Think I like it though - it stays up better.

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