Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Rest of February 2016

In the last week or so of February, I spent some time taking nail varnish pictures and starting up an Essie nail polish review blog! I thoroughly enjoyed it - I love playing with the cute glass bottles and comparing colours etc, and it was a welcome distraction from Breathing Apparatus Training, which I was stressed about.

I even bought little sample sticks and painted them - highly therapeutic!!

Lucy was around on Thursday 25th February, and I made us both a good breakfast, which I relished!

On Sunday 28th February, President Clayton was at church, and gave Scott and I blessings, setting us apart to our new callings. He called me in for a chat beforehand to see how I was doing, and I said how hard I was finding both the Fire Fighting course, and also the uncertainty I felt about finishing it.
My blessing was lovely, and addressed not only my new calling, but also blessed me generally with health and vitality, and success.

In the evening I drove the older kids to Northampton for a Stake Youth Fireside. I had been asked to speak at it, even though I was released, and I was glad of the opportunity to talk to the youth one last time. I shared my testimony, telling them in no uncertain terms the knowledge I have of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel.
I had the chance to thank Gill and Emma, and give them flowers I'd bought. Emma is the new Stake Young Women's President, and Gill was released from Young Womens.
It was President Hirst's birthday and all the youth gathered on the stage for a picture with him, then afterwards I had my picture with all the Young Women who were there. It was great to be with them, and I felt a lot of love!

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