Thursday, 28 April 2016

First Part of February 2016

I continued my training with a Water and Animal Rescue evening on 1st February. It was mainly classroom based, with a bit of rope throwing practice in the yard.

On Wednesday 3rd I finally got someone to come out and fix the boiler (about the 6th person I'd tried!) There turned out to be nothing wrong with the boiler, but a power cut we'd had meant that the boiler control box just needed the clock re-setting! I had the boiler serviced, so it wasn't a total waste!

I had a youth committee meeting in Bedford on Thursday 4th, during which I got frustrated about an on-going issue. Our meetings are usually really lovely, and most of this one was fine, but the portion of tension in it bothered me, and I could tell it had affected everyone. The next morning I emailed everyone in the meeting to apologise, and had some lovely replies back, but I still felt unhappy about it (and actually still a bit frustrated about the issue!)
Jo invited me for lunch the next day, so I went up to the farm. After lunch I had a good chat with Richard. We can speak pretty honestly, and I told him what was bothering me and he cheered me up a bit, making me feel not such a bad person!

On Saturday 6th February I attended an all day First Aid course at the Training Centre, which was fine. In particular we learnt CPR, the use of a defibrillator, and oxygen therapy.

Harry on 7th February in the Minecraft character costume he'd made for himself!

On Monday 8th, I took Lucy to the hospital for her usual Diabetes check ups, and waited outside. I drove her home then had to head straight back out again for a session of Firecraft at the Training Centre.
The next morning I helped Michelle Trickett-Smith again. Harry was ill, but Lucy was at home and could look after him.

Lucy and I had been made Visiting Teaching companions in December, but February was the first time we'd been able to visit one of our ladies - Sue Amos. We had a really lovely visit on the evening of the 10th, and stayed for hours having a lovely chat!

I watched the film 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' on 11th, and absolutely loved it! In particular it renewed my enthusiasm for my Fire Fighting course and reminded me not to be so stressed, and to live life!!

On Friday 12th, it was Harry's non-school uniform day, which we'd both forgotten about, so we walked home again so Harry could change. He finally got to school at about 9.40am!
I went to Richard and Jo's for lunch, then President Clayton rang and asked if Scott and I could meet with him. We arranged for Sunday night, but ended up re-arranging it for that night at Northampton where we were going for Seminary and a Deacon/Beehive Forum. Jack wasn't feeling great and stayed home to look after Harry, which simplified things.
Gill was running the Beehive Forum, and the Young Men were in charge of refreshments, so I didn't need to do too much for it - just make a load of die cuts from felt for Gill's craft project.
Anyway, partway through, Scott and I met with President Clayton and he released me as the Stake Young Women President! He and I were both a little emotional. He talked about what I have done over the past 5 1/3 years, and said the effects would last into eternity, that the Young Women loved me and would remember me. He then called Scott and I to be the Stake Young Single Adult Couple. This wasn't a complete surprise following the conversation I had with President Hirst after Stake Conference. We then talked about what that would entail. He said to continue to hold meetings like I have done, and that the meetings we have had have been great and among the best he's seen in the church.

I didn't have too much chance to let all the change sink in, because I spent the weekend of 13th and 14th at the Training Centre on a Road Traffic Collision course. Scott and I couldn't discuss it on Saturday night either because he took Lucy to a dance in Watford. On the course, we spent a bit of time on Saturday learning the theory of how to deal with car crashes, then spent the rest of the weekend cutting up cars in the freezing cold. We had three or four cars which we maneuvered into different positions (on their roof/side etc), then practiced using the equipment to stabilize the car, manage the glass, and create enough space to remove a casualty. We learnt to cut off the roof, peel away a side etc, using heavy hydraulic equipment. It was pretty interesting work, though very heavy, and by Sunday afternoon I was wondering if I really wanted to be doing this (again!) Near the end of the session, I tripped over and fell really hard. I was glad to finally get home, as I was feeling flu-y and head-achy too!
In the evening, Scott and I went to Ben and Anna's where I lay on the floor under a blanket generally feeling rubbish!

The beautiful flowers Scott had bought me for Valentines Day.

Monday 15th was the start of Half Term and we had nothing planned at all, thankfully! I woke up aching all over from the weekend, and with a very bruised and swollen knee from my fall. I felt so up and down about the Fire Service. I couldn't see myself getting through the course, especially with the notorious Breathing Apparatus section coming up, or see myself doing the job, but every time I contemplated actually resigning, I couldn't see myself doing that either. I just had to keep taking a day at a time, but was finding living like that quite stressful - not knowing what the future would be.
On Monday afternoon I had another Appointment with Vida, my Osteopath (who was great, and as encouraging as ever) and in the evening I started learning about Breathing Apparatus at the Training Centre.

We had a good chilled out Half Term holiday anyway. On Thursday 18th, Lucy and Tom went to Tammy Collings' house to help prepare food for a fundraising activity for camp/FSY, and in the evening I went to Breathing Apparatus training again.
On Friday 19th Jack went to help prepare more stuff at the Cain's house, and I took these photos at home with Harry.

My £2 cheque for being a Registered Person! We get £2 for each wedding we do. It makes me laugh, and I saved this cheque to laminate for a book mark!

I spotted the first daffodils in the area on 4th January, but ours came out nearer the middle of February.

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