Sunday, 20 March 2016

Derbyshire Day 3 - Blue John Caverns & Chatsworth (30th October 2015)

On Friday 30th October, we headed back to Weatherspoons for a cooked breakfast, before packing up the car and heading over to the Blue John Cavern near Castleton. This part of Derbyshire is the only place in the UK where Blue John is found.

We booked ourselves in on the first tour, then hung around outside waiting for it to start. The last time we were here was with the Hirsts in 2012, and it was nice seeing nearby Mam Tor and lots of the route we'd hiked.

Tom bought magnets!

Starting the tour!

It was an interesting little tour!

We then decided we might as well stop off at the Chatsworth estate on the way home, so parked by the house, and took a walk up to the tower on the hill.

The kids decided to get to the tower by a different route from me and Scott. It was quite pleasant wandering through the woods with no kids! They beat us there by miles!

I love this view out over Chatsworth. The river and hillside are just so perfect!

Selfie sitting on a cannon!

Walking back down.

We then went for a little walk to the bridge before heading home.

 Lucy and Jack did a spot of sheep herding...

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