Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lucy's 18th Birthday (24th October 2015)

Lucy's 18th birthday fell on a Saturday, but she'd made no particular plans for it because she was celebrating on the following Monday by going to London with her friend Georgia.
John and Hannah had said they were coming down for the weekend, staying in Leah (Hannah's sister) and Ben's house, who live in our ward. I thought it'd be nice have a birthday tea for Lucy, and invited a couple of Lucy's friends over and Ben and Anna's family too.
John bought a new board game to play!

Scott with Hattie (I think!)

Everyone just hung out and had a lovely time! We pulled all the kids' old toys out!

A proper birthday tea, plus I'd made soup and quiche.

Harry's unique way of eating Wotsits!

Jack, Ben Hirst, Lucy and Hattie (?!)

The Conway girls and Asher

Georgia also came over and had bought some lovely presents for Lucy, including a journal, which Georgia had done some research on, to find out if that would be suitable for taking on a mission (which Lucy wants to go on.) Georgia had filled with post-it notes of quotes from General Authorities. I thought that was such a lovely gift, especially as Georgia doesn't even go to our church!

Aunty Helen with Hattie and Viv.
I was a lovely chilled out day anyway, and I think Lucy enjoyed it!

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