Monday, 5 October 2015

The rest of May 2015 up to Half Term

On Tuesday 5th May, Scott and the Young Men did a cake decorating activity! Here's Scott skillfully decorating his cake!

Also on the 5th, Harry told me he had a hole in his shoe - he wasn't kidding!! Luckily there was an old pair of Tom's school shoes he could wear for a bit till we got him new ones.

After checking the seeds we planted every day for what felt like weeks, they finally sprouted!

On 7th May, Harry and I got on with weeding the vegetable bed ready for the seedlings.

We pulled out some nettles, and used them in vegetable soup!

On Friday 8th May, Scott took Jack and Tom on the ward Aaronic Priesthood camp in Fenstanton. They had a pretty good time!
I also made this triple layer brownie cake.

On Saturday 9th, we got on with changing round the kids' bedrooms. Lucy moved into the cabin, and we dismantled Harry and Tom's bunk bed, and started clearing up the utter mess!

On Sunday 10th, I went to Milton Keynes where I'd been invited to speak at church there. I got caught up in a traffic jam on the way, and needed to get a message through that I'd be late. I didn't have anyone's numbers, so texted Richard Malachowski, who texted James Fields-Davis, the Stake Young Men 's President, who was also speaking. By the time I got to church, they had switched the order of the speakers, so I spoke last.
I hadn't been set a topic to speak on, and when I was preparing, I felt that I should speak on stress, depression, and the atonement. I felt it was a good talk, but was surprised at the response I had after Sacrament Meeting. So many people came and spoke to me, and said that it was what they needed to hear. President Clayton told me to keep a copy of my talk, and said I had spoken scripture.

For Family Home Evening on Monday 11th, we wrote letters to the missionaries serving from our ward. Scott wrote each of them a lovely limerick! Here's his one to Sam Collings, serving in Western Australia...

On Tuesday 12th, I went to Dunelm with Jo Blackhurst, and ended up buying a patio set and two matching sunloungers. The patio was piled high with all the rubbish from the dismantled shed, climbing frame, and bunk beds etc, but I was keen to put up the new set, so put it up in the dining room! It was really nice having hot chocolate at it in the evening!

On Wednesday 14th, Lisa and Donna from school came over and had drinks round my patio set too!

The next day, the 15th, I had a new table delivered. I'd bid on it on eBay. It was brand new, made by two carpenter brothers in Bristol. They actually delivered it themselves, and were great! They said one of them had suggested the dimensions for it as an experiment, then built it and realised just how big it was!! It can seat 12. I'd also bought two more wooden chairs for £15 each at a second hand shop in town.

Harry demonstrating the size of it! I'd also bought a table cloth for it earlier in the week at Dunelm.
In the evening of the 15th, I took Harry to his school disco, and stayed for it, sitting on a school bench with Jo and Donna.

The growing pile of rubbish on the patio!

On Saturday 16th May, we went to Ikea in Milton Keynes to try and get new beds for Jack and Tom (Harry moved into Jack's room and kept his bed). We ended up not finding any we liked, but bought a few other bits instead.
In the evening, Scott and I went over to Richard and Jo Blackhurst's house for a meal and to listen to music on records. Richard had borrowed his sister's record player, and we had got our old records out the attic. Richard and Scott went and got Chinese take-out. Jo went to bed after eating, but Scott and I stayed till latish listening to music. My back was playing up still, so I set up camp on the floor with a blanket, and let Scott and Richard get on with it. I did get to listen to my Rosie Hardman L.P. though, which Uncle Paul gave me before he emigrated in the '80's. It was good to hear it again.

Sunday 17th was Ward Conference at Milton Keynes. We stayed for a while afterwards, so Lucy and Ben Hirst could hang out a bit.

On Tuesday 19th, Jo Blackhurst, Tom, Tom's school friend and I went to the cinema in Huntingdon to watch 'Meet the Mormons'. It was pretty good, and it was great being at the cinema with so many other church members! (The church had booked the screen for one showing of the film.)

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