Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hiking in Bedfordshire

On Saturday 26th May, our youth organisation at church had arranged a hike in Bedfordshire. I was taking Lucy, Jack, one of Lucy's school friends, Georgia, and a church friend, Bethany. We stopped off near church to pick up Bethany, but then the people carrier wouldn't start again. I called Scott to come and bring the other car out for us, so we could still go, but by the time he arrived, the car had decided to start again - worrying though, seeing as we were driving round Europe in it in 4 days time!
Here are the girls waiting by the roadside for Scott to come.
We eventually made it to the starting point, and everyone else had kindly waited for us. We split into 4 groups taking 4 routes, meeting up at the same point. (I haven't got pictures of Jack because he went in another group with his friends.) We were lucky - it was gorgeous weather, and the countryside was beautiful.
Lucy and Georgia, with her improvised sunhat.
What kind of a hike is that?! Flagging down an icecream van!!
We all met up for lunch at a park in a little village. The park was really good, and had a big spider's web thing, strung between 2 climbing walls - which seemed A LOT HIGHER UP than they looked, once you were up there!
Some of the group hiking back.
We walked along a river at one point, and then ended up stopping at a grassy area the other side of the bridge, when we realised we were going too slowly, and wouldn't be back to meet up with parents in time. Leaders took it in turns to ship the kids back to the starting point again.
We had a lovely time hanging about (I waited with the kids till the end), and inevitably, Lucy and Jack and a few others ended up in the river, soaked from head to toe. (I was dying to join them, but thought it best to at least pretend to be a sensible youth leader.) It was a great day anyway - we all loved it.

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