Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Birthday Weekend

At the end of the Easter Holidays I wanted to get into cupcake decorating, so bought some bits and bobs and had fun playing around. I made these for a joint birthday party for myself and Clare, on Friday 29th April. We didn't see the royal wedding that day - I was a bit put off with all the huge fuss beforehand, and we actually ended up watching Freaky Friday as a family! Clare and myself at our party! We had a great evening with several church girls - who finally went home at about 1am!On Saturday 30th, we went to the church BBQ in the afternoon, and had a lovely time chatting with friends in the sun. Our ward has grown even bigger, and we now have part of another branch too. Scott went on an impromptu trip to the cinema with some of the guys in the evening.
The next day, Juli, Chris and kids came to church, and then back to ours for dinner after. It was so good to see them, and the kids were all great and just went off and played all afternoon!

Bank Holiday Monday was my 36th birthday, and after opening some lovely pressies we decided to go off to Belton House.We headed to the park first (of course), and had a go on the miniature train......followed by a lovely walk round the grounds.In the middle of the maze:So another lovely interlude before returning to a more normal routine.

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kimara said...

looks like a beautiful weekend! Happy birthday!