Thursday, 29 April 2010

Holiday (Part 3 - East Coast)

On 13th April, we got a shuttle bus from our hotel to SLC airport, and then met up with John and Hannah (after they had finished chatting to Elder Kieron in the airport lounge...) We got our flight to Newark NY fine, and I ended up with 3 seats in a row to myself, and read the whole way.
Scott had arranged for a limo to pick us up from the airport and take us to our hotel. For the 4 of us with luggage, it worked out not much more expensive than if we had all gone by public transport. When it arrived, we were well impressed, and also slightly embarrassed! Nice and spacious! Getting to our hotel in China town.After we got to the hotel, we went out and just walked around the city, seeing lots of places, like Wall Street, and Ground Zero.We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, and got pizza in a crowded little Italian place called Grimaldi's. Were pretty tired by the time we got back to the hotel!
On 14th April we set off first to the Rockefeller centre and went to the top to see the view... pretty amazing! Here we are with Central park behind us.We then went to see if we could get tickets on Broadway to see Wicked, half an hour before a show, and we managed to get some very good seats - grabbed a quick lunch (which while we were sitting in the sun eating, I got chatting to a man who is the props manager for the show Jersey Boys) We then saw it, and it was FANTASTIC!! The two main actresses were just brilliant. We all really enjoyed it.
Scott and I went for a walk in Central Park then, while John and Hannah went off to meet one of Hannah's cousins. We had a wonderful time strolling around, listening to buskers, watching baseball, eating icecream, and just lying in the sun talking. We popped in to Grand Central Station after that, just to see it.
Wandered back to the hotel later on and met up with John & Hannah again.
On 15th April, the day before we were due to fly back, we got a coach to Washington DC. The trip took 5 hours (though we spent some of that at the road side because we got pulled over by the Police who was talking to our driver for quite a while!)
We met up with our friend Crystal, who used to be in our ward at church, but now lives in Washington DC. She is really knowledgeable about lots of things, including DC, and she gave us a brilliant tour - explaining about all kinds of stuff. We also met up with one of Hannah's cousins, Kathleen.
I was really excited to see a lot of the places in DC in real life, especially being a 'West Wing' fan! (I think that's the only reason I know anything about American politics at all!)
The White House. Scott and I with Crystal John, Hannah & Kathleen, and we, went our separate ways then for a bit, to explore some of the different Smithsonian museums. When people hear we are English, they like to tell us about their ancestry, and the man who served us at one on the tills was named Cromwell (descendant of THE Cromwell), and he told us all about his visit to Huntingdon etc!
In the Botanic Garden
We met up with John and Hannah again, then got our coach back to NY... that was a fun trip... we had a totally crazy, Chinese driver who was going very fast, and kept swearing and shouting, and tried to run another car off the road (3 times)!! Hannah and I were scared! Very relieved to get off that coach.

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